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Beauvais airport hotel

Beauvais is a little city located North West of Paris - Beauvais BVA airport is quite busy as served by Ryanair, Wizz and Norwegian ... Usually travellers stay downtown Paris and take either a private shuttle or a bus to go to BVA airport. However you can also sleep in Beauvais ... If so take time to see the magnificent XIIIth century cathedral set in the heart of the city : The Saint Pierre Cathedral. More about details it ?

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Mercure Hotel Beauvais

Mercure Hotel Beauvais

The hotel Relais Mercure in Beauvais has been completely refurbished and is only 5 minutes' drive from the centre of the city where you can visit its gothic catedral. Lying 70 km from Paris, the hotel is the ideal overnight stopover point before reaching the capital. A bedroom in the modern style, comfortable and restful, a cosy bed, a functional bathroom, simple but real pleasures... A budget hotel close to Beauvais BVA airport.

Mercure Hotel Beauvais

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City Hotel Beauvais

City Hotel

The City Hotel Beauvais is found in an open area near the city centre, which is a couple of minutes away by car. During leisure, you can explore the city and its surrounding attractions. This hotel is a budget but comfortable hotel. Click in the picture to access the online  booking website. Enjoy your stay.

City Hotel Paris

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